With the impact of Covid-19, our worries along with our tummies have started growing big!

Governments across the globe have issued lock-down and kept us safe at the comfort of homes. Eating healthy and Fitness have become the new buzz words during the Covid crisis.

To our bit of adding fitness routine to our employees and also extending the same as a mobile application to our customers’ business – We have launched an innovative application #DINOFIT.

What does this app do?
Based on the in-built Google Chrome T-Rex (Dinosaur) Game, this game will be connected to your laptop camera. Using Machine Learning, each jump of an individual will be synced to the T-Rex for accumulation of points in the game.

Avaniko’s Web or Mobile Application
Laptop with a functioning camera

Logic: The logical reasoning of the points accumulation in the game can be of nature suitable to the business requirement. It can be either used for internal employee motivation or external business or customer retention through loyalty points.

Add some fun & fitness to the lock-down routine!

DinoFit – Powered by Avaniko

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