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Google voice integration with SAP Business One

Hello Viewers, This is Keerthana Reddy here from Avaniko & am going to run through the benefits of system integrations with SAP Business ...

To-Do List Automation with SAP Business One

We know that you people would be very lazy in this Corona Lockdown… And your office will be assigning N number of tasks to you right? ...

Telegram Integration with SAP Business One

Have you ever wondered how nice it will be when the companies get rid of tons and tons of paper work and starts working and communicating ...

Digital Signature with SAP Business one

Hello Viewers,In today’s podcast, we are going to cover the benefits of digital signature. Like in every podcast we do, lets address ...

How technology helps companies during COVID-19

Do you want to know how technology helps companies during a global crisis like COVID-19? Smart companies adapt to technology quicker, so ...

HTML Formatted Emails from SQL Server

This blog covers the step by step process on sending an SQL query output to HTML Formatted Emails from SQL Server. Please find the output of ...

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