How technology helps companies during COVID-19

Do you want to know how technology helps companies during a global crisis like COVID-19?

Smart companies adapt to technology quicker, so their disruption is minimal. We will guide you through the benefits of automating your business on the digital front.

Impact of operational struggle is less

If you believe on one person or a group of people to run your business at all times, there is going to be a bump where you would have to manage operational mismanagements more on daily basis or depend on a few people for efficiently running your business. The companies who go on ERP platforms like SAP Business One will have minimum impact on operational front as an entrepreneur will have better idea of his business standings & actually find who is the best performer out of the lot easily.

Real time status gives a better insight

SAP Business One provides real time status update of your business at your finger tip smartphone devices. There is no lag or inefficiency encountered at the lack of information to the senior management at the right time. Getting the right information at right time is a key to avoid major hustles or miscommunication.

Remote working is possible with technology

If there is a slight chance to operating your business virtually, ERP solution like SAP Business One will work wonders at these times. It helps you run your business and have an overview of the challenges to be encountered & give more time to prepare for the future. Even if you can’t run your business, it will help keep your employees engaged & connected at all times of crisis.

Productivity & performance is never an issue with a solid system in place

You do not have to worry about the productiveness of your employees and know who is the outperformer without constant monitoring. The system in itself helps drive the business & makes the team more productive & efficient to work.

Enhances business intelligence!

Technology takes you a step higher and improves the growth of your business. If you become an intelligent enterprise today, you do not have to worry about the fall back of economy or any global crisis as you will be ready to jump when the opportunities knock your door!

It takes a lot of courage to handle the change management & get your team to operate digitally but it will be worth your time in the long-run for SMBs. Take baby steps but do crawl/run as per your wish to the next normal overtaking businesses across the globe!


Keerthana Reddy

Keekaa, Creator of Opportunities.
Keekaa is pilot by profession and rightly so, she is like an aircraft full of energy. With her lightning speed and her strong convincing skills, she makes it a point to make each prospect a customer for us.
With her global travel exposure, she understands the nuances of the customer relationship and helps to drive Avaniko projects.
Keekaa’s go getter approach has inspired our team and drives us faster to achieve our goals.

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