Telegram Integration with SAP Business One

Have you ever wondered how nice it will be when the companies get rid of tons and tons of paper work and starts working and communicating digitally?

Yes, that is what we have done at Avaniko Technologies.

We have done the integration between SAP B1 and Telegram.

And in today’s web podcast I am going to talk and show demo about the Telegram Integration with SAP B1.

So basically, Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. Telegram client apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, audio and files of any type.

And guess what, anyone from anywhere can install and access telegram with their phone for free…

You would be wondering why this is done? So, what are the advantages of this integration?

  1. It will be easily accessible through phone
  2. Messages can be sent instantly.
  3. No manual typing or sending is required, which means it can be sent automatically.
  4. And most importantly, this will be more helpful in reducing the paper necessity. And communicating way will be made possible via phones. (which will actually save paper and thus trees, in turn our EARTH :D)

Your next question would be that, what are the possibilities where SAP B1 and Telegram can be integrated? On answering that,

1. For a customer, when the Invoice or delivery is raised, a message can be sent stating their details and the products they have ordered for. Their Invoice copy can also be sent as a PDF Attachment via Telegram.

2. For a manufacturing client who does production based on orders. When the order is raised, the msg goes to a group where Sales & Production team so the production team can start the work before waiting for an official email/process.

3. We had also automated timely reports to be received every day at pre-defined time in PDF formats to the managers and directors.

4. Internally, we have built automated messaging in groups if the order/assigned ticket is open for more than the pre-defined time set by the director.

5. For a photography vertical client, we had customized for sending profiles with contact numbers through Telegram app as soon as a customer visits their website and clicks on contact.

Interesting right?

Now let us see a demo of 2 of the above scenarios in telegram works:

Let us take the example where the end user puts a SO. Now the members of the Production team, Sales team and the procurement team will be present in that Telegram group.

So, when the SO is raised by the sales team, the SO details will be sent in that group. So now the purchase / Procurement team will plan for the items to be purchased and the production team will plan the production accordingly.

The second scenario that we are going to see is the Invoice issuing case,

When the invoice / delivery is raised, a msg will be sent to the customer stating their products are shipped. Here the Invoice / delivery note copy can also be sent as a pdf attachment along with the Telegram msg.

We have two options of doing the same: Either through Telegram What’s app.

Yes, that is what you heard, the same is also possible in What’s App…

Telegram application provides free API for unlimited messaging whereas What’s app charges for every message sent.

Enthusiastic to know about the What’s App Integration? Then wait for our next video on SAP B1 integration with What’s App.

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