This series are written on a vision of guiding entrepreneurs & CFOs to have a grasp of ERP implementations & their role in financial aspect of planning & forecast. Stay tuned for more informative articles in this category!🙂


Transformation of Accounts Payables

All the fields of accounting are going through a major change. Just not that manual steps are eliminated, you can also notice that many actions process itself is eliminated. Initially its was all cash transactions, which was replaced by cheque transaction now its more and more online transactions. Automation is no longer is luxury is…

Tally Vs SAPBusinessOne

Tally is a software that began their journey as accounting software where SAP Business One is designed as an ERP from the beginning. Both Tally and SAP offer several products and solutions, Tally is usually used by small to medium sized companies whereas SAP is used by medium to large size company in fact SAP’s…

Role of CFO

The Role of CFO in the past was more about improving the processes, internal controls, managing Infra etc. Converting your organisation into an intelligent enterprise is very critical role of today’s CFO. There are a lot of cloud applications starting from 5 $ per month available. These applications make your life easier cost effectively. Few…


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